Pinteresting Strategies

4 mins
Current News and Updates
How to Become an Affiliate for this Course
Blogging Without Traffic Sucks
First Things First
Do Your Homework
Key Points Recap
Getting Started: How Pinterest Works + Profile Set Up
Extremely Basic Explanation of How Pinterest Works
An Overview Of the Pinterest Platform (for Creators)
Getting Started The Right Way
Setting Up Your Pinterest Boards
How to Set Up Rich Pins
Key Points Recap
Pinterest is About People
Understanding Niche Virility and User Intent
People Can SEE Your Pins
Pinterest (Thinks) it Can See Your Pins
Humans Are Busy and Lazy
Pinterest is About SEO, too
SEO for Pinterest
Pin Descriptions
Key Points Recap
Group Boards
Yes, I Still Use Them
Monitoring Your Group Boards
Get Pinning
"Fresh" Content
Creating Pins That Get Clicks
Understanding Board Co-Occurrence and Session Co-Occurrence
Pinning for Brand New Accounts
Pinning Strategy for Established Accounts (this is what I do)
Pinning FAQs
Supplementing With a Scheduler
How to KNOW When to Make New Pins for Old Posts
Key Points Recap
Final Important Things, and FAQs
Video Pins, Story Pins, Product Pins etc.
Pinterest Analytics + Google Analytics
Do Pinterest Followers Matter?
FAQs - (in other words, please don't email me with these questions)
Advanced Strategies for 2020
Final Pinteresting Thoughts
Bonus Content