Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers

This course pulls back the curtain on how to monetize your blog with affiliate marketing and dives deep into how to make conversions!
Getting Started
What Are We Doing Here?
Become an Affiliate for This Course
The Elephant in the Room - Bloggers blogging about blogging and giving you ridiculous expectations.
Do All Niches Have Equal Earning Potential?
A Crash Course on the Basics - For the Absolute Beginner
Finding Affiliates to Promote - What Should You Sell?
The Four BEST Types of Affiliates for the Average Blogger
Freebie Links - Further Discussion
Affiliate Marketing Through Blog Posts
Your Content Matters (Well, if you want to make affiliate sales in blog posts it does.)
Making Yourself Useful - The Secret Sauce of Selling
CASE STUDY: A Mom-Niche Post
UNFORTUNATELY, Your Traffic Matters Too
The Power of Search
CASE STUDY: A Post With Search Traffic
Improving Your Conversions
Link Placement Considerations
How to Draw Attention to Links With a Highlight Box
A Few More Important Little "Tricks" to Try
Affiliate Marketing Through Email
Your Email Marketing Philosophy (Ok, well, MY email marketing philosophy.)
How to Write Emails People READ
Everyday Email Promotions - Using affiliate links in your regular newsletter
Newsletter Study
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Affiliate Launch Promotions - Big $$$ in Short Time
CASE STUDY: $5404.92 From One Launch
Email Study- Affiliate Launch Pre-sale Email.pdf
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Discussion for Day 1, Email # 1
Email Study: Day One, Email # 1
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Discussion for Email Study: Day 1, Email # 2
Email Study Day 1, Email 2
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Discussion for Email Study: Day 4, Email # 3
Email Study: Day 4, Email # 3
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Discussion for Email Study: Day 6, Email # 4
Email Study: Day 6, Email # 4
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Discussion for Final Email
Final Email
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Case Study Summary
Wrapping It Up
In Summary...
11 mins